Business Plan

Joinig Package 1100/-
  • In Multi Level Marketing there is a Binary Income that gives chance to distributors to earn more.
  • On every pair a distributor will earn Rs.100.
  • First pair will be made from tail i.e 2:1 ratio and then onwards it will be 1:1 ratio.
  • Capping will be of Rs.10000.
  • Commision will be given in every week.
  • Simulation will be according to rules.
1). Star1
Reward: Leather Bag
2). Star2
Reward: Wrist Watch
3). Star3
Reward: Mobile Phone
4). Sta4
Reward: Rs.500*6 Months Salary
5). Star5
Reward: Rs.1000*6 Months Salary
6). Gold1
Reward: Rs.1500*6 Months Salary
7). Gold2
Reward: Rs.2000*6 Months Salary
8). Gold3
Reward: Rs.5000*6 Months Salary
1% Royality*
9). Gold4
Reward: Rs.10000*6 Months Salary
0.5% Royality*
10). Gold5
Reward: Rs.35000*6 Months Salary
Rs.2.5 Lac for Car, 0.5% Royality*